A very simple Russian beetroot side

Russian beetroot #vegan #vegetarian #side

I look forward to the World Cup every four years, but it’s a month of very little sleep because the viewing schedule for Australian football fans  is grueling, with late nights and early morning wake ups. The last weekend was disastrous because I was sick with a bad cough and cold and I was wondering how I was going to make it through the month at all. I dragged myself work on Monday, came home and went straight to bed too ill to watch any football.

There’s a happy ending  to this sad story, because on Tuesday I went to the Doctor who diagnosed me with bronchitis, gave me a script for antibiotics and told me to go home and rest.  This is one of the times when being sick is like a holiday, it’s incredibly relaxing to lie on the couch and watch football (under doctor’s orders too so I don’t even feel like I’m malingering). I’m getting sick of soup though so tonight, we’re having adzuki bean dal (from the freezer) rice, spinach and in honor of the World Cup host nation this Russian beetroot side.

I copied this recipe out of a Russian cookbook years ago and its so simple it’s not even worth writing out as a recipe – take a couple cooked, peeled beetroots (chop or grate them) and saute with a bit of butter. Season with salt and pepper and dress with a good splash of lemon juice or vinegar. I used black sesame oil and balsamic vinegar today making it vegan and less mucous inducing. The dill is optional but it makes a nice garnish. That’s it – for the rest of the week, I’m eating my greens and building up my strength for the next three weeks of World Cup watching.




  1. What a great idea to cook Russian! Hope you get well soon, but not too quickly 🙂

  2. beet is one of my favorite vegetables. grows in small boxes in my garden. i make several iterations of beetroot dishes. russian angle, i never tried, will do now. thanx for sharing

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